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Thank You Jesus for the Blood

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Thank You Jesus for the Blood by Lauren Lehman

"Thank You Jesus for the Blood" ~ Originally by Charity Gayle, We hope this song reminds you just as much as it reminds us that we are thankful for Jesus dying on the Cross for all of our sins.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled by Lauren Lehman

"Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" ~ The original by @jillian_edwards really spoke to me in the need to wait on the Lord. Wait for Him to give you strength. Allow Him to carry all of your burdens. Give Him all of your worries, your striving, your anxiety, your past, your fears, your sin, your everything. Let go and wait to see what the Lord will do - Immeasurably beyond what we can think or imagine!

The Way You Love Me

The Way You Love Me by Lauren Lehman

"The Way You Love Me" ~ The Way You Love Me is an Electropop song, reminiscing on how someone loves the way their spouse loves them in every way. Strong bass beats, dramatic stops, emotionally smooth vocals, catchy synths, and singing strings, make this song a love story in itself.


Overwhelmed by Lauren Lehman

"Overwhelmed" is about being in God’s presence, overwhelmed by how much He loves us, and forgives us! “It is finished, It is done, we are forgiven, the war’s already won, You have risen Jesus, You have overcome.” He has overcome the world and is able to do anything and everything beyond what we can imagine!

Our backstory

Kidney Update

I would like to say thank you to everyone that is praying for us! I was diagnosed with genetic medullary cystic kidney disease 10 years ago. My kidneys had begun scarring from the inside which shut them down. I went on peritoneal dialysis for 2 years until I had a transplant in 2010. Several years later, my transplanted kidney began failing, which meant I would need to receive another kidney. In 2018, I had an anonymous living donor donate to me. I had a successful transplant in November 2018!

Living Donors, especially for kidneys, are an option since we only need one kidney to live a healthy life. A living donor is the best option for me and the transplanted kidney lasts an average of 20 years. I am also waiting on the deceased donor list, yet a perfect match on this list typically takes 3-4 years and lasts an average of 10 years. For More information or to start the donor process at Johns Hopkins, please visit this website transplant/living_donors Or Call 410-614-9345